Aldo Strada Podcast Hiatus Explaination

Ok, so if you noticed the podcast has been gone for about a year. There many reasons for this but mainly two. The first was the burden to get a podcast with a weekly guest and also responding to all the fan emails was getting to great. Although I appreciate all the NICE emails I received. The second was I felt that podcasting was becoming to main stream and competitive. It seemed that almost every DJ had a podcast all of a sudden and radio shows were just putting their show on a podcast a few days after it aired.

So it was a combo of fatigue and frustration. Ive decided to bring it back though. I think it was time to start it up again after receiving many emails wondering if I died or was coming back. So the new format will be the one where its a 30 min – hour mix with me hosting. Apparently most of you preferred this to the original format. Ill definitely be going back to the 90 minute mix with guest format though on certain weeks. None the less I will be bringing you a lot of tracks Ive been playing out and listening to lately. Im also going to switch things up and play different styles, genres, etc.

Ill be posting about 5 podcast over the coming week. All 30 min mixes hosted by me. Perfect for the summer or winter wherever you are. So be on the look out, email me and yeah new podcasts are coming and the Aldo Strada Podcast is back…for good.

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