Review : Arsenal Home Shirt 08/09

Ok so I got the first 2 of my footy shirts for this coming year. The first is the new Arsenal home shirt. I must say I hate it. I love Arsenal (not as much as Inter) but man this is one ugly shirt to me. I loved the past 2 seasons shirt with the gold trim but I must say that they totally butchered it this year. I think going back to the white stripes on the arms is a nice touch but the outline is killing me. It looks from a far that its maybe a dark blue but in fact its a maroon color. I don’t know why but it just bothers the hell out of me. Regardless I will be wearing it and with #12 Vela on the back (you heard it hear first the next big star) Im going to be feeling good supporting my club despite the ugliness of the shirt.

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