English Premiership Preview

So the English Premiership started this past weekend so why not give a bit of a preview on it. Being a Arsenal fan Im sure this is going to come out somewhat bias but Ill try to keep it as neutral as possible. Last year saw the complete dominance of Man Utd once again and the big 4 (arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea) stay in the top 4. I think this year will bring some surprises but not in the final 4 positions. I think Chelsea will win the crown this year as Big Phil will bring consistent good results to the club and I really think he will give them the edge when he plays the other big clubs. Man Utd I think will really feel the loss of Carlos Quieroz. There is a growing international contingent at United especially in Portuguese speaking and the loss of him will not help the communication. Arsenal will finish 3rd. I believe they will respond to the critics and have a solid year. I can see them making a FA Cup run to finally bring some silverware to the Emirates. Liverpool is Liverpool, most people have said this is their year but their; in my mind, disappointing win against Sunderland provided to me that its going to be another bottom-top 4 finish for the Reds. Im actually quite excited about some of the “lower-rung” teams. I think Man City and Spurs if they don’t have firesales can challenge. I also believe that Newcastle (if their egos don’t screw things up) and Aston Villa will have surprise seasons. Villa more so than Newcastle. Watch out for Paul Ince at Blackburn. I really like him as a manager and I think he could do some things at Blackburn.

So quick breakdown:
Champions : Chelsea
FA Cup : Arsenal
Champions League : Chelsea (1st), Man Utd (2nd), Arsenal (3rd), Liverpool (4th)
Relegated : West Brom, Stoke City, Wigan
Top Scorer : Roque Santa Cruz

More Previews to come, including some posts by Zoran Zoric a great pundit from Sweden who will be covering the Champions League and La Liga

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