Who Watches Women Sports

Ok so I know this will get alot of angry emails coming my way and people calling me sexist (please) but seriously who the fuck is watching this shit? So Im watching TV and come across this LPGA event on and I started to watch for a bit. Basically because I miss watching golf since golf without Tiger is pretty dull to me. However I was stunned by the crowds literally 10 people to a hole. It was embarrassing. The thing that I started to wonder was, how is this on national TV on a Sunday and furthermore how are these leagues still up and running? You got the LPGA, WNBA and some new football league for women now here in the states. I know that the LPGA is pretty solid. Yes they have good stars and the golf isnt that bad but Im not sure who is pumped up for the US Womens Open etc. It just is so far off my radar if you know what I mean. The WNBA is just awful and apparently fading fast. Attendance is way down, its easier to find NHL games on TV and I have to say the games are hard to watch. The only sport that I could see both sexes watching would be womens footy but they have already had one league fold in recent years and just have started a new one. So all in all this is making me puzzled. Yes women like sports and probably watch it but you hear not a thing about any of it and when you tune in there is no one there watching it live. So what the fuck is going on?

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