My Christmas List (I Know Lame)

Yes I know this is lame or whatever but I gotta say I got some cool shit that I want. Ive also put R and NR against each (R = realistic and NR = non-realistic). I’ve also included links to each so if you want the same thing you can get it too because we know I know the good shit! So here we go:

10. The Wire Complete Box Set (R)
By far in my opinion is America’s best ever drama. The Baltimore crime series is now in a beautiful box set incorporating every episode of The Wire.

9. Korg microKorg Analog Modeled Synth/Vocoder (R)
In every studio Ive seen one of these. Its time to get one of my own to add to the bareness of my ever improving home studio

8. 2008 BMW M3 Coupe (NR)
I currently own the 04 E46 version and am looking to own the new V8 powered beauty. M Power at its best.

7. Akai MPC2500 Music Production Center (R)
The Akai is basically the industry standard in sampling. Another one to add to my home studio

6. BBC Weath Club Varsity Jacket (R)
A very nice Jacket. Im not too big on wearing heavy winter coats unless Im out for a long period of time. This would be perfect light weight and fashionable and warm too.

5. Inter Milan Home Long Sleeve Shirt (R)
Another Inter beauty. I have the short sleeve but the long sleeve is a must for winter months!

4. Any classic Blu-Ray movies (Bond, Godfather Collection, etc) (R)
Nothing really beats Blu-Ray. Ive got the TV for it so I really need to step my Blu-Ray game up. Alot of great classics have been redone for Blu-Ray and all rock.

3. Louis Vuitton Multi Bill Holder (R)
Nothing is better than a LV wallet. You whip it out and it shows class and style oh and it gets the ladies attention.

2. Gucci by Gucci Pour Home (R)
Despite its ridiculous name it smells delightful. Go to sephora and ask the ladies what their favorite new fragrance is. Trust me I have its this.

1. Karmaloop, Eluxury, Nordstrom Online Gift Certificates (R)
Whether your into hipster/90s/urban style (Karmaloop) or high fashion cutting edge designs off the runway (Eluxury, Nordstrom) a gift certificate for any of these sites is a must to keep you looking good in 09′.

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