More Kobe/Laker Hating

Alright here comes a rant! I hate the Lakers. I hate Magic Johnson. I Hate Kobe Bryant. Lets make things clear ESPN/TNT all networks. No one likes Magic Johnsons fake ass. Dude tries to act holier than thou but this dude was the biggest player (and I dont mean sports wise) before the HIV. Secondly all he talks about is LA probably because he still works for them! How the hell does a analyst get a job when he works for a team already. Its like Steve Nash becoming play by play for the Spurs (“oh that alley-oop was nice but me and Amare are better”). He sucks, his interview with Kobe was a suck fest of Lakerness. “Kobe how is it being the best player in the world?”. Sorry Lebron is better and Kobe wont win shit without Shaq. Aint gonna happen.

Lets get to the game though. Obviously the Lakers made the game to be some type of playoff game. They played really well ending the Celtics streak but I mean come on its just Christmas and lets be honest….Celtics will still beat this team in a 7 game series. When the Celtics know a Championship is on the line the big 3 (and now with Rondo becoming a star) come out and own people. So the Lakers basically won a close game (dont look at the score) by playing all out while the Celtics played like a regular season team…..think about that LA with your NY and middle america hollywood based fans. Oh Denzel I see you, your from Mount Vernon mother fucker.

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