Forza Inter

Why Forza Inter and this pic? Well thats Inter Milan’s midfielder Luis Jiminez, wife. She apparently is a whore who when Jiminez was playing against Jamaica with the Chile squad she banged (Former Inter player) Mauricio Pinilla who also is a Chilean. Well Jiminez and Pinilla were in a club yesterday when things went down….

According to a number of reports, Jimenez, nicknamed “the little wizard,” attacked Pinilla with a blunt instrument, causing three blows to the head and the victim of the attack was forced to go to hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with head trauma and a neck injury…

According to the local media, Mauricio Pinilla had approached the couple at the nightclub and was warned to back off. Failing to heed the warnings a fight broke out with Pinilla getting thumped by Jimenez.

Dont fuck with Jiminez and his cuckold whore of a wife!

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