Im Happy I Dont Live In The Pacific North West

You have in Alaska where temp’s are reaching -65 degrees F (-54 C). Yes I know Alaska but still thats cold for that place apparently. Then you have Washington…the state in the part of the US that you never hear about unless you turn on a 90s rock station. Parts of the state last week got 6 feet(1.8m) of snow then yesterday they got something like 8 inches(27cm) of rain. This causing snow to melt from the lower elevations of the mountains out there causing mass flooding. While in higher elevations they got snow so they were dealing with avalanches….wtf…meanwhile my friend Mike who lives out there who must be whoring me out there because I have tons of hits from the Seattle area (thanks keep em coming) is in Amsterdam and is probably high as a kite now. Not that that is different from when he is Seattle.

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