More Geneva Auto Show Dopeness Mega Post Part 1

First car is the Citreon GT concept yes the car from Gran Turismo is now in concept mode and may get green lighted!!! Next is new from Lamborghini the LP-670-4 SuperVeloce. Then we get euro redneck with a 2011 For Ranger (Euro Exclusive) which actually looks really cool. After its new from Renault with their 2011 Megane. Then its a car which you probably could afford! The new Mazda 3 MPS, which is actually a great looking Mazda and this BMW snob would probably get….For you Porsche whores there is the 2010 Porsche 911 wow how innovative and new looking YAWN. Finally there is the Alpina 7 aka the M7 woowwwwwww so sick I know Im biased but wow super sexy from Alpina. I wish they produced more Alpinas for the US.

Pics From Autoblog

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