Twitter Sucks

Ive tried Twittering on my twitter site but its really wack and I cant get into it like other people do. Especially when I read a article where almost every Politician has a Twitter account. Which basically means all their pussy Ive league interns have twitter accounts posing as them posting lame shit about what they say they will do until they are paid off by lobbyists. All the more reason to stop doing this twittering which sounds like some slang from touching myself. Although this blog post will probably go down on history when twitter is as big as myspace and my management team urges me to use it to connect with the fans. As you can tell Im still sick and angry about it. Oh and if your wondering what particular politician set me off on this rant well it was John McCain’s twitter….like its this mother fucker who actually is typing this shit in a guy who said he didnt know how to use a computer or blackberry last year….

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