Ok so I get alot of emails and most of them are negative so Id thought I address some of them here instead of emailing you all back one by one…

1. For those who emailed me about why I dont have comments anymore or why I took them down. First off I dont want to get spam in them and secondly I re-allowed them the other day and the first comment I got was some racist Obama rant (save that for random youtube videos). I may re-allow them but who knows.

2. Yes I may have grammatical errors and spelling errors…Im in the music industry and didnt go to college or whatever so forgive me for fucks sake.

3. The constant you suck or your voice is gay (lol), your podcasts suck, your a fag, etc really doesnt bother me Im glad that I had the effect on you to spend some minutes of your life emailing me.

4. Why no more podcasts? Well I’ve been trying to do more and more but Im very busy and secondly if I try to do the old format with a guest it’s literally impossible now with almost every artist having a podcast. Expect one for WMC this coming week however. I know alot of you really enjoyed them and Ill keep doing them just not in the same quantity. Also I’ll post my quartly promos for you guys to download as well. Thanks for the support!

5. Something offended you….well I dont really give a fuck go to another site.

6. Finally despite all the hate I do appreciate the kind emails I get. Especially the ones when I turn you on to a new thing or appreciate the videos or whatever. Keep coming to the blog!!! Keep emailing me too if your nice Ill respond and if your hot Ill respond even quicker via blackberry wtf


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