Check it out this is my first convo on there :

Stranger: hi!
You: hello?
Stranger: im hungry
Stranger: but have to wait for the chicken to marinate
Stranger: what’s for dinner for you?
You: i am a girl from the planet xanadu lost on this place you refer to as earth looking for peace and harmony and my cat Zubea
You: i eat plankton and refried beans
Stranger: that’s a pretty good combo
You: do you know of my leader?
You: Steve Angello and his queen Eric Prdyz
You: duke erol alkan?
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: he should be the ruler
You: yes he is posistioning himself with his leiges Fake Blood and Diplo
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: nice
Stranger: hopefully diplo doesnt appoint lil jon anywhere
You: no sir but you have just made my blog and my night congrats
You: hilarious

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