NHL Playoffs

The NHL Playoffs start tonight. Im pretty much talking to you Canada as you wouldn’t know this leaving in the USA. I love playoff hockey. The long overtimes the tension the atmosphere in the stands. Its great. Sadly though my Islanders were the worst team in the league. We won our Stanley Cup last night by getting the 1st pick in the draft. Here are the first round predictions by Aldostradomos:

First Round East:
Bruins over Canadiens in 6
Capitals over Rangers in 5
Hurricanes over Devils in 7
Penguins over Flyers in 6

First Round West:
Sharks over Ducks in 7
Red Wings over Blue Jackets in 4
Canucks over Blues in 7
Blackhawks over Flames in 6

I definitely think that the Sharks Ducks series will be the best. The Ducks are quite a good team for a 8 seed and 50 win regular season teams and the Sharks in general struggle in the playoffs. In the East I think all will be close games especially in the Caps Rangers series. I have the Caps in 5 because I think they will get the lucky breaks. Series could easily go 7 but I cant see the Rangers knocking them out. Hurricanes are coming together at just the right time and could catch the Devils but this series will go long expect OT’s. Redwings should have no problem against the Blue Jackets even without Draper for the first 2 games.

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