NBA Playoffs

Well the NBA Playoffs start tomorrow and like my feelings toward the NHL playoffs I couldnt be more excited. Especially when TNT does the games in the US…ESPN not so much. First round matchups are pretty good and so are my predictions!

East First Round :
Cavs over Pistons in 4
Celtics over Bulls in 7
Magic over 76ers in 5
Hawks over Heat in 7

West First Round :
Lakers over Jazz in 6
Nuggets over Hornets in 7
Mavs over Spurs in 7
Trailblazers over Rockets in 7

So here is the reasoning. Starting off in the East. Cavs are going to kill the Pistons no question. Celtics will have a really hard time now that just 2 minutes ago they announced no Garnett for the playoffs. I think they will edge the Bulls in 7 but then go bye bye in the 2nd round. Magic over the Sixers. Give it to Dwight Howard and call it a night. Hawks Heat will be the best series. The Hawks have been exciting to watch for years now and the Heat have Dwayne Wade. What more could you ask.

The West is just full of great teams. Lakers Jazz I think will be a great match up. The Lake show looks to be unstoppable this year but I think the Jazz are dangerous enough to get some wins against them. For the Jazz to get anything out of the series though they need to win one of the first 2 away games. Nuggets Hornets is another series with excitement. Young players good PG battle, going with Nuggets just because Chauncey to Carmelo is too sick. Mavs Spurs can be summed up into one last name *in the voice of Charles Barkley* GINOOOOOBLLIII. No Manu no win for the Spurs. Mavs take it in 7, would not be shocked that the Spurs won but I think no Manu is huge. Finally one of the teams on the cusp of being great, the Trailblazers play the Rockets. No TMAC of course and the Rockets have been good with Artest, Scola and Yao. This was really tough to pick but Ill go with the Blazers. I like Roy and I think Pryzbilla and Oden coming off the bench will be a nice 1-2 to counter Yao. Very interesting series though.

Go Knicks!

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