F1 China Preview

In what has become an almost iconic circuit due to its main straight building, China will host its 5th Formula one race Sunday. As the drama from McLaren and diffuser controversies continues it still doesnt take away from what is probably the most entertaining and exciting start to a F1 season in my lifetime. After another stunning qualifying session we are sure to see yet another “must see” race. Red Bull dominate the qually session getting pole position with Vettel and 3rd with Weber. Renault’s saving grace Alonso is on second. Brawn GP continue to amaze with 4th and 5th. Where is Kimi and Lewis?! 8th and 9th and Heikki and Massa are in 12th and 13th. Just a amazing change of the guard going on in F1 at the moment.

As for the race I think that one of the Red Bulls will win. I really like Vettel and I think he has a amazing future in F1 but please if there is a god let Mark Webber get his first F1 victory. He has been one of my favorite racers since he made his debut and is always a good listen to when he is giving interviews. Never holds back and never does that whole politically correct shit. So Ill go with Webber 1, Button 2, and Trulli 3. One thing to watch today will be Kubica and Glock coming from the back. They dont have much of a chance to win if any but watching them move up the field will be exciting!

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