F1 China Review

Well I was close on my predictions. Red Bull pulled off the 1-2 pretty much dominating the race. Button got close to Webber but the red bull car was faster than anyone else and would’ve really pulled away if the race wasnt boggled down in rain. I was kinda disappointed with the race beginning under the safety car but the entire track was a puddle at the start. Once the race started up there were some good crashes. I particularly liked Kubica going on top of Trulli in which the US commentators likened it to grasshoppers fucking. Seriously.

Another race and still no points for my favorite team Ferrari. Its ok though maybe its Asia so when they return to Europe on May 10 they just have to finish 1-2 in all the European races to technically win.

Bahrain GP is next week cant wait to see the 777/747s do a fly over.

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