F1 Bahrain

Thanks to everyone who was wondering where my preview/review was. Glad you are enjoying them. I didnt see the race live…well I sorta did but fell asleep in the middle of it. Caught it later thanks to the internets and really not really much to say. Kind of a boring race, the one thing I thought was interesting; being a Ferrari fan, was that Luca Di Montezemolo showed up to “inspire” Ferrari in this race instead of waiting til Spain when all the teams are supposed to catch up to the others with their diffusers and such. Kimi finished 6th so I suppose it worked eh? Button came through again and took the race for Brawn. Id have to say that it was the finest race Button has driven in his career. He was practically perfect throughout. Felt a bit bad for Trulli and Toyota as he wanted to win for Italy (earthquake) and Toyota (first win ever in F1) but I think he is going to win a race sometime this season so cheer up Jarno. Also Vettel is a fucking beast and probably getting fit for either Massa or Kovalainen’s seat for next year. Another fantastic race from the German.

Shockingly it seems that the best cars are Brawn (obviously), Red Bull and Toyota. Everyone else is way behind, almost to the point of non-competitiveness if that is a word. I think the rule changes have made F1 outstanding this year and I only hope that the teams catch up with their diffusers and such before the next GP. That way almost every team will be able to win a race due to their strategy and such. Well maybe not you Force India.

Watch out for later today when the McLaren liegate comes to a end. Probably a heavy fine but the slim chance of exclusion from the Championship remains. As much as I hate McLaren that would be just ridiculous. So what they lied get over it. Besides that you should see Virgin up its stake in sponsoring Brawn GP. Speaking of Virgin apparently Rubens bought a ticket to go to space on their Virgin Galatic thing and Niki Lauda is training to be a astronaut to fly one of the shuttles. WTF indeed.

Spain is in 2 weeks as the European races begin!

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