NHL Playoffs Semi Finals

Quick update of the playoffs. Very exciting end to the playoffs with the Devils getting pwned last night.

Here were my predictions for the first round:
First Round East:
Bruins over Canadiens in 6 (Bruins won in 4)
Capitals over Rangers in 5 (Caps won in 7)
Hurricanes over Devils in 7 (Hurricanes won in 7)
Penguins over Flyers in 6 (Penguins won in 6)

First Round West:
Sharks over Ducks in 7 (Ducks won in 6)
Red Wings over Blue Jackets in 4 (Red Wings won in 4)
Canucks over Blues in 7 (Canucks won in 4)
Blackhawks over Flames in 6 (Blackhawks won in 6)

How about that shit. Every single won besides the Ducks correct and I even said the Ducks could lose that series! Feeling pretty good and smart going into the semis:

Semifinals East :
Bruins in 6
Capitals in 7

Semifinals West :
Red Wings in 5
Blackhawks in 7

Really hard to predict these. I love the Bruins this year and I think they can take care of the resurgent Canes. Caps Penguins is a toss up. Definitely going 7 and probably many multiple OT games. As for the West I think the Red Wings are in cruise control to the Stanley Cup Finals. They have enough to see off the Ducks in 5 possibly 6. Blackhawks are my team this year and will have to come through via youth in this series. This is my only gamble since the Canucks looked so dominate/Blues fell over and died.

Anyways more great hockey w00t.

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