NBA Playoffs Semi Finals

The First round is done and its time for the Semis before I predict them lets see how my genius did.

East First Round :
Cavs over Pistons in 4 (Cavs won in 4)
Celtics over Bulls in 7 (Celtics won in 7)
Magic over 76ers in 5 (Magic won in 6)
Hawks over Heat in 7 (Hawks won in 7)

West First Round :
Lakers over Jazz in 6 (Lakers won in 5)
Nuggets over Hornets in 7 (Nuggets won in 5)
Mavs over Spurs in 7 (Mavs won in 5)
Trailblazers over Rockets in 7 (Rockets won in 6)

Damn 100% including a perfect East conference. Gotta say I impressed even myself with that one. So here are my Semi picks:

East Semi Finals :
Cavs over Hawks in 5
Celtics over Magic in 7

West Semi Finals :
Lakers over Rockets in 6
Nuggets over Mavs in 6

Some good matchups here. Cavs have Lebron and thats too much for the Hawks so I dont think they’ll sweep but they will come close to doing so. Celtics over Magic in 7 only on one condition. Garnett, I think he will be back soon and will lift them over the Magic. As for the West; Lakers have a lot of weapons and wont be able to sweep the Rockets especially with their defensive presence. Lakers in 6 will be a tough series. Nuggets played last night but I would’ve still picked them. Denver is the new Dallas. Tons of talent but not enough to win it all. Denver is on their way up while Dallas is probably on their way down of the “2nd best” position.

Im sick of Kanye’s Amazing song by the way.

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