NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

The finals are here! Lets take a look at how my genius fared last round.

East Semi Finals :
Cavs over Hawks in 5 (Cavs won in 4)
Celtics over Magic in 7 (Magic won in 7)

West Semi Finals :
Lakers over Rockets in 6 (Lakers won in 7)
Nuggets over Mavs in 6 (Nuggets won in 5)

Not too bad. I did say that the Magic would win if there was not a Garnett comeback. Which was so talked about at that game 7 in Chicago but if you brought it up in this series your crazy? What was that about. Magic won in a blowout game 7 last night. Yawn. Celtics will be back big next year. Cavs just keep rolling will someone win a game against them already!

In the West we saw the worst and best of the Lakers on every other night. I really hate this team especially since they never give 100% every night. The Nuggets staring Carmeellloooo Anthony beat the shit out of the Mavs. Thank god the Mavs are so boring and bad. Jason Kidd isnt the answer never was!

Now comes the Conference Finals first off in the East I maybe crazy but Im picking the Magic. Charles Barkley convinced me last night that the Cavs do have biggg matchup problems with the Magic. So with that being said :

Magic in 6

Thats right Magic in 6. Stan Van Gundy power!

In the West im also doing crack. Go Nuggets baby. Im picking Denver because I like their team and their passion. I think Billups makes a big difference. The Lakers obviously have weaknesses and there is no better player than Chauncey who can come up the court and target that weakness. Nene and Kenyon Martin and even Birdman really could have big series against Gasol and Bynum who seem to have forgotten to play defense. Melo vs Kobe will be a great thing to watch.

Nuggets in 7

Nuggets v Magic in the finals. Its probably bad that I predicted with what I want to happen so bet on the Cavs and Lakers for a Kobe v Lebron finals that Nike and Vitamin Water want.

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