NHL Playoffs Conference Finals

So I must say I fucked up the East for sure. The Bruins lost in 7 as did the Capitals. Atleast I got the West Semi’s correct!

Semifinals East :
Bruins in 6
Capitals in 7

Semifinals West :
Red Wings in 5
Blackhawks in 7

Now onto the conference finals we go! They started yesterday officially with the Red Wings beating the Blackhawks. Good thing Im picking them. Just like last night the Red Wings just have too “much” experience, talent, whatever they just are better than the young Blackhawks. I think Chicago may get a win at home or two but:

West Finals:
Red Wings in 5

Out in the East both teams are coming off hard battles. Penguins have a ton of talent on their team and I think they will get over their series quicker than the Hurricanes can. The ‘canes had a very physical series with the Bruins so I think they will be tired and I also think the Penguins create mis-matches.

East Finals :

Penguins in 6

Penguins-Red Wings rematch setting up? I hope so. Go Cindy Crosby

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