NBA Finals

It sucks that the Finals are here already! The playoffs have been more than exciting in almost every game. Even with going with what I wanted against being logically I came out 50-50:

Conference Finals :

Magic in 6 (Magic won in 6)

Nuggets in 7 (Lakers won in 6)

Very cool that I got the Magic right and basically for all the right reasons too! Lakers showed at the end of the series that maybe they can turn it on for more than one game at a time which could be bad for the Magic. So who is going to win? Im going to have to go with the Lakers on this. I think both teams provide match-up nightmares and I think it could go 7 but I got to go with Kobe in the spotlight here. Bynum wont be able to cope with Howard until he proves me he isnt soft defensively. Gasol Lewis is a tricky matchup since Lewis doesnt play the PF the way its normally played but Pau is better so Pau wins that battle . Then you have Kobe vs Lee which despite how great a rookie Lee is its Kobe so Kobe wins. Now at the other positions basically besides Hedo over Ariza and probably a tie with Hedo and Odom the Lakers win every other battle. So it will take some amazing coaching by Stan Van Gundy, no foul trouble for Dwight Howard and maybe some luck for the Magic to take this Championship from the Lakers.

Lakers in 6

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