Fuck Sony

So I have had my Playstation 3 for about 3 years now and paid a pretty penny for it then. I’ve been a dedciated fan of the brand buying all their accessories and their games etc. So yesterday when I put in my new Tiger Woods game and played it for 2 min I got the Yellow Light of Death. Never heard of it? Probably not since it apparently happens to .3% of 60GB users. So I call Sony and basically Im fucked and have to send it to them and pay 150. I will lose all my information that is store in the HD in the process. Thanks Sony. Oh and by the way if your Xbox 360 gets the red ring of death you get it repaired/replaced for free….

1 thought on “Fuck Sony

  1. damn sorry to hear man. didn't know there were issues like this on the ps3. so are u anti ps3 now? was it out of warranty? i know you only get your 360 repaired for free if its in warranty and i think they do it because its happened to to many of them. where is the yellow light on the ps3? i don't see many lights like on 360? for $150 id just go ahead and put out the extra $200 or w/e and cop a new one.

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