NBA Draft is tonight. Its one of my favorite nights of the year because Im a nerd. Here is my mock draft (Top 15 picks Im not that nerdy)!

1. Clippers – Blake Griffin (Honestly think he will be a bust)
2. Grizzlies – Hashem Thabeet
3. Oklahoma City – Ricky Rubio
4. Sacramento – Tyreke Evans
5. Minnesota – Stephen Curry
6. Minnesota – James Harden
7. Golden State – Brandon Jennings
8. New York Knicks – DeMar DeRozan (Possibly trade up for Rubio or trade pick for Nash)
9. Toronto – Jonny Flynn (Grew up in Niagra Falls went to Syracuse perfect fit)
10. Milwaukee – Gerald Henderson
11. New Jersey – Tyler Hansbrough
12. Charlotte – James Johnson
13. Indiana – Terrance Williams
14. Phoenix – DeJuan Blair
15. Detroit – Earl Clark

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