1,000 Post / Podcast 041

Hey Everyone. Im very happy to say this is my 1,000 post! Yeah I cant believe it either! Id like to thank everyone who has visited, all the feedback received positive and negative (go fuck yourself), and all the daily dimes (holler at your boy). I must say its been pretty fun doing this because its a good way to share your interests with your fans or whatever and also drop knowledge at the same time…I’ve been told I was one of the main reasons of Obama getting elected. Anyway im blabbing but I wanted to say thanks and keep it bookmarked/locked on the blog because Im not going anywhere!

I just finished my podcast 041 last night and that will be coming out this Sunday the 5th of July. Its basically one half of my summer promo mix that I will upload as well to the blog later this month (July). If you have been a subscriber to the podcast you will definitely get a good feel for what a live set is from me with this mix. Also you will definitely see how Ive gone from electro house to techno based mixed genres? If that makes any sense. God I sound like one of those artists that classifies his music in a unique way what a tool.

So thanks everyone and look out for the podcast and check out Podcast 040 below!


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