Get Him Stevie G

I gotta confess Im not a Liverpool fan shocking right. However Im a fan of people who are rich but still throw down. In comes Steven Gerrard in this bar brawl from last December. Now he apparently is on trial for this dont know why but from my time in England I remember that a murder can get you just 20 years or something but a simple fight or disturbance can get you 5 years.

3 thoughts on “Get Him Stevie G

  1. looks like steven just kinda suddenly punched dude…kind of before the dude could react. and of course because gerrard is famous looks like the other dude was held back. im usre the other dude will go to jail but because hes a famous footballer loved by millions as a ood captain gerrard will at most get some comm service. smh no props to steven here.

  2. ^ hmm your obviously not the brightest tool in the shed calling me a childish "pussy fuck" as you say. sounds like something comming out the mouth of a preteen boy in elementry school with an iq of about 87 to boot. and calling me a coward basically when you post behind an anonymous name? wow. big eballs/ethug most likely. also most likely a scouse liverpool supporter/chav.

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