Ohio State v USC in 3D?

Watching anything in 3D is better than even high definition. Well, except for Jaws 3D, but there needs to be an exception to every rule.

So watching one of the most anticipated college football games of the year in 3D should be amazing — USC at Ohio State on Sept. 12. That promises to be a hot ticket. Especially since they are not selling them, so if you want to go you better have connections. Welcome to Los Angeles, where everybody thinks they have connections.

ESPN is televising the game and doing the HD showings in Los Angeles at the ESPN Zone at LA Live downtown and at the Galen Center. There also will be showings at a theater in Columbus, Ohio, at a location in Hartford, Conn. (just for the ESPN brass who all live near there) and Hurst, Texas (to see how this will sell in a market not tied to the two teams playing).

This is not your father’s 3D technology. Or even Jaws 3D. This is new, state-of-the-art technology that works amazingly well – and while you have to wear glasses, at least they’ve gotten cooler (not cool, mind you, but no more paper glasses with red and blue lenses). I had the chance to see a preview of a similar technology system (with NBC and Panasonic coordinating) where clips from the Beijing Olympics were shown in 3D, and I can say that the ground-level shots from a women’s soccer pool play match between two countries I cannot recall were enthralling. I could have watched it all day. It really is like the players are in your living room, and the picture quality was still like high definition.

Football should be amazing shown this way. Which is why ESPN and others are working on ways to bring the technology into your home and shoot some sports this way.

In Los Angeles, where showing off your expensive new technology toy is a lifestyle for some, getting to be the first to check out football in 3D will make this a hot ticket. And one you cannot buy.

The USC Alumni Association is handling the tickets for the Galen Center, so you better have gotten your donation check in.

At the ESPN Zone, they are just going to randomly invite up some of the people there to a special 3D viewing room. That should be a good place to watch, although don’t think that the beers will be free. But you better start sucking up the LA Live ESPN Zone employees now if you want to be up in the room.

Kinda suspect….

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