09-10 NBA Preview

Basketball is back and the season of the “super” team is here. With a very very busy offseason seeing most of the strong teams get even stronger it might make most of us forget the word parity. Still though it will throw in some great matchups on a weekly basis.

The West is so strong this year with of course the Lakers with basically 5 all stars on the team with the addition of Artest and keeping Odom too. Then you have the Mav’s picking up Shawn Marion to team up with Dirk and the aging Jason Kidd (too little too late too old?). Finally though you have the San Antonio Spurs picking up Richard Jefferson which is a minor move if you think about it but it is key. Especially with Manu healthy you can literally have a very scary 4 man set of Parker, Manu, R Jeff and Duncan. Not to mention they basically got a steal in the second round in Dejuan Blair who was averaging near impressive double doubles in pre-season. Duncan can get his rest for the post season and the Spurs will not miss too much of a beat in Blair. Thats my team to win it all but sleeper during the season are the Trailblazers. Another year older and a better PG in Andre Miller leading the team will vault them to 3rd.

The East is a three horse race and I dont think you will find anyone crazy enough to not say so. The Cavs, Celtics and Magic are the top dogs and rightfully so. The Cavs picked up Shaq, Celtics picked up Rasheed and the Magic well they got Vince Carter. So pick your poison…I go with Cavs to do their regular season dominance and then lose to the Celtics in the playoffs. Magic will push any team they play to game 7’s in the playoffs but I think the Celtics get back to the Finals. Oh and as for my Knicks….Danilo will be great, Jordan Hill the rookie will be a bust and Toney Douglas will be a starter by the end of the year. Nate Robinson will be traded at the deadline too and we will win less than 28 games.

With all that said Im no expert so I wont go into what players will do this etc etc but here are my predictions:

Champion : San Antonio Spurs
West Conference Top 3 : 1. Lakers, 2. Spurs, 3. Portland
East Conference Top 3 : 1. Cavs, 2. Celtics, 3. Orlando (Celtics win the East)

MVP : Lebron James
Rookie of the Year : Tyreke Evans (Kings)….Blake Griffin is gonna miss 6 weeks
Most Improved Player : Danilo Gallinari (Knicks)

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