Dont Speed In A F1 Car In India

You can’t blame an F1 driver from driving fast. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Evidently authorities in India feel differently, however, as they’ve slapped David Coulthard with an enormous ¬£20,000 (approx $33k) ticket for breaking the speed limit. The kicker? It was for a Formula 1 demonstration on a closed-off section of roadway.

The winner of thirteen grands prix (and one of the top points scorers of all time) retired from active racing at the end of last season, but remains a consultant and test driver for the Red Bull Racing team which he helped form. The team recently held a demonstration run in Mumbai, India, drawing a crowd of some 50,000 racing fans.

Part of the route took Coulthard across the Rajiv Ghandi Sea Link. The bridge has a maximum speed limit of 62 miles per hour, and even drops to 31 MPH in some parts. DC, however, was clocked at 162 MPH. As a result, the local authorities are reportedly withholding the ¬£20,000 deposit which the team put down for the event, making for one mammoth speeding ticket. But at least Coulthard isn’t stuck paying out of pocket.

Story from Autoblog

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