Mafia Hit In Napoli (Graphic)
Mafia Boss/Godfather Executed in Broad Daylight in Street ( Mario Bacio Terracino )

*Don’t Watch Video If You Dont Want To See A Murder*

Police in Naples said: ‘We are taking the unusal step of releasing this graphic footage in an attempt to catch his killer.

‘His face although hidden is visible and someone out there must recognise him and we would appeal for them to come forward.’

So far this year, there have been more than 30 Camorra murders in Naples, many of which remain unsolved and many of them stem from feuds between rival clans.

In an attempt to control the extent of organised crime in the city the Italian government has flooded the area with troops, but with little effect.

One of the bloodiest hits was last September, when six Africans who tried to muscle into the drugs trade were shot dead outside a shop.

The Camorra is much more violent than the Sicilian Mafia and also has several branches in Britain.

Sad stuff

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