BMW Introduces A 6 Cylinder Motorcycle

BMW is known the world over for its excellent brand of inline-six cylinder powerplants. In most cases, those supremely smooth and powerful engines power the German company’s cars and trucks. Apparently, that won’t always be the case, though, as BMW has just revealed its new Concept 6 motorcycle at the EICMA Show in Milan.

As the name implies, the Concept 6 boasts an engine with six cylinders, and the best news is that the mill is destined for a new production model in the near future. Expect to see a replacement for the long-running LT series of touring bikes, bringing BMW more in line with the standard-setting Goldwing from Honda.

Looking at the actual concept itself, the chassis appears to be heavily based on the current production K-Series unit, and the powerplant is tilted at the same 55-degree angle as the current four-cylinder. Bodywork is suitable for concept duty, with a futuristic take on the old-school Cafe Racer look.

Power? BMW’s being a bit coy at the moment, suggesting that it makes as much horsepower as the current 1.3-liter four (over 150, to be sure) and as much torque as any other motorcycle engine in production with a stout 96 lb-ft at 2,000 RPM. With a redline of nearly 9,000… you can imagine that there’s plenty of power on tap. Check out our high-res photo gallery below and hit the jump for a video and the press release.

Source : Autoblog

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