Ok so a quick rundown of updates:

1. Podcasts will be done on a bi-weekly basis from here on out. Whether its a 30 min mix from me or a mix I did from another show or even the original format with guests (not going away fully) it will be done. I know alot of you have emailed me about my laziness about it and it is true. I still have a podcast to do with Van Scott in the guest mix (2nd time out). My laptop setup where I do my mixes now is a bit stupid since I upgraded to snow leopard. Still no more excuses first of many podcasts to come this Sunday!

2. The blog will stay the same except I’ll try to do a bit more posting of EDM stuff….ex: free music links, music videos, live dates, etc. I didn’t intend on this being a lifestyle blog only.

3. Don’t watch the documentary Food Inc. It has fucked me up (I watched it almost 3 weeks ago and Im still haunted by it). Eat organic local products and Corn is evil (if you watch the movie you will find the humor in that statement). Oh and my birthday is at the end of next month (dec 31st) so be sure to buy me a present….add me on facebook (aldo strada obviously idiot) and thats about it Im droning on here……afas.f/afdsghwrhwref

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