NBA Predictions Review & Playoffs

Ok quick review on the basics :

Champion : San Antonio Spurs
West Conference Top 3 : 1. Lakers, 2. Spurs, 3. Portland
East Conference Top 3 : 1. Cavs, 2. Celtics, 3. Orlando (Celtics win the East)

MVP : Lebron James
Rookie of the Year : Tyreke Evans (Kings)….Blake Griffin is gonna miss 6 weeks
Most Improved Player : Danilo Gallinari (Knicks)

I also predicted my Knicks won’t more than 28 games, Nate Robinson will be traded at the deadline, Jordan Hill will be a bust with Toney Douglas starting.

Wellllll….The Spurs and Celtics are actually showing their age so Im unsure as how those predictions will work but we will see eh. Pretty dead on with MVP and Rookie of the Year without the awards being given out. Lebron will most likely get it (Carmelo would get my vote) and Tyreke is a lock. Danilo got a lot better this year and will be a solid player in his career. Not going to be as good as Dirk but has the same timeline going as Dirk in getting to his potential.

As for the playoffs, even though they did start here are my predictions for the first round :

East :
Cleveland over the Bulls in 4 (Saw the Bulls lose by 39 to the Heat so they have no chance)
Orlando over Charlotte in 5 (Charlotte has enough talent/coach to get one game)
Atlanta over Milwaukee in 5 (Bucks will win once at home)
Boston over Miami in 6 (Boston might not win the East but they are better than the Heat)

Lakers over Thunder in 6 (Oklahoma will take two games in this series and Durant will outplay Kobe)
Dallas over Spurs in 6 (Dallas got a ton better with Caron and I think the Spurs run is over there goes my prediction from the beginning)
Suns over Portland in 7 (Cant see Portland winning this without Roy, still dont believe in Suns)
Nuggets over Jazz in 6 (Utah is too injured but Sloan will get them to win atleast 2)

So there we have it. I will enjoy the West as every game will be great unlike the overmatched matchups in the East.

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