NBA Playoffs Second Round

Ok so it has started but I’m still going to predict the results. First lets take a look at my first round results :

East :
Cavs over Bulls in 4 (Cavs won in 5 games)
Orlando over Charlotte in 5 (Magic won in 4)
Atlanta over Milwaukee in 5 (Atlant won in 7)
Boston over Miami in 6 (Boston won in 5)

West :
Lakers over Thunder in 6 (Lakers won in 6)
Dallas over Spurs in 6 (Spurs won in 6)
Suns over Portland in 7 (Suns won in 6)
Nuggets over Jazz in 6 (Jazz won in 6)

Ok so overall I didn’t do poorly. I’m actually happy the Spurs won since I picked them to win the entire thing in the beginning of the year….on a side note Nuggets are such a disgrace to George Karl.

So as for the second round, it has begun and is full of intriguing matchups. Here is how I see it playing out :

East :
Celtics over Cavs in 7 : I can feel it. Either this round or the next the Cavs will fall on their face. I still dont think they have a great team yes I’m the minority but fuck it they don’t. Shaq is old Jamison is alright but the rest are scrubs. Lebron is the best in the world but I think the Celtics can pull it off.

Magic over Hawks in 6 : Hawks create matchup problems for the Magic but I think the Magic are too talented and well rested for Atlanta. Will be a very entertaining series in terms of gameplay.

West :
Lakers over Jazz in 5 : Ok lets get this right the Jazz beat the Nuggets because the Nuggets dont play as a team and are divas. So with that being said the injured Jazz will not come close to getting more than a game against the Lakers. Worst possible scenario for Laker haters is seeing them beat up on the Jazz and rest it out while the other series goes 7 and speaking of….

Spurs over Suns in 7 : Spurs v Suns well that hasnt been done before. This series like previous ones will be good. Obviously two drastically different styles here but I like the momentum the Spurs got in beating the underachiving Mavs last series so they are my pick to take this tough tough tough series.

There ya have it! Gonna be good!

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