NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

Alright like last time lets check my results from the second round predictions :

Eastern :
Celtics over Cavs in 7 (Celtics won in 6)
Magic over Hawks in 6 (Magic won in 4)

Western :
Lakers over Jazz in 5 (Lakers won in 4)
Spurs over Suns in 7 (Suns won in 4)

3 fucking sweeps this past round really shocked me. The Jazz I thought had matchup problems with the Lakers so no surprise there but Spurs and Hawks to just die like they did….I still don’t think I underestimated the Magic but Im getting a bit worried I did seeing their blowout after blowout. And yes I picked the Celtics go check you fucks I’ll take my credit now! Overall it was a horrible second round, one of the worst in years and hopefully the upcoming Conference finals will help us put the second round out of our minds. Here are my predictions :

Eastern Conference :

Celtics over Magic in 7 : Why? I have no idea. Yes they beat the Cavs but everything is pointing to a Magic win in this series. They look so good against the Hawks and Bobcats but that is exactly it, it was the Hawks and Bobcats. With KG getting 100% and Rondo playing out of his mind they very well could take this series. Mostly though I’m picking the Celtics because I want to see another Boston LA Finals as I think the Celtics have the better chance to beat the Lakers than the Magic do. Celtics in 7 close fun games

Lakers over Suns in 6 : The worst possible thing for Laker haters like myself happened when they swept the Jazz. They got extra rest. So now they are fully rested to play the fast pace Suns who in my opinion are playing way above their potential. You gotta take the Lakers here and I’ll say it goes six just because I think Nash can squeeze out atleast a victory or 2.

There ya have it although I’ll probably just be on Lebron watch over the next 2 weeks!

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