Fifa World Cup 2010

So it has begun. But it can’t officially start until I get my predictions in!

Group Stages:

Group A :
1. Uruguay
2. Mexico
3. France
4. South Africa

Group B :
1. Argentina
2. Nigeria
3. Korea Republic
4. Greece

Group C :
1. England
2. USA
3. Slovenia
4. Algeria

Group D:
1. Germany
2. Serbia
3. Ghana
4. Australia

Group E:
1. Netherlands
2. Cameroon
3. Denmark
4. Japan

Group F :
1. Italy
2. Paraguay
3. Slovakia
4. New Zealand

Group G :
1. Brazil
2. Côte d’Ivoire
3. Portugal
4. Korea DPR

Group H :
1. Spain
2. Chile
3. Switzerland
4. Honduras

So thats how I see it, very entertaining groups for sure. France and Portugal two European giants will be knocked out early.

Round of 16:
Uruguay defeats Nigeria
England defeats Serbia
Netherlands defeats Paraguay
Brazil defeats Chile
Germany defeats USA
Argentina defeats Mexico
Italy defeats Cameroon
Spain defeats Côte d’Ivoire

Bit of a trend, no real upsets even though there always is. Toughest pick for me was England over Serbia. USA can upset Germany too with their pace as well as Ivory Coast via incredible Drogba game (well maybe not).


England defeats Uruguay
Brazil defeats Netherlands
Argentina defeats Germany
Spain defeats Italy

Wow some amazing matches to pick. Had to go with Brazil over dutchies as I think the Dutch had a much better squad in 06. Argentina is better than Germany and sadly so is Spain.


Brazil defeats England
Spain defeats Argentina

Well as much as I want to see Brazil v Argentina in the final I’m going with Spain to make it there. Brazil v England will probably end up in some sort of England fuck up which is always enjoyable.


Spain defeats Brazil

Well up until this past Champions League, Spanish football has seen its golden age with the superiority of Barcelona and the Spain triumph in the Euro. That continues/reaches it’s pinnacle as Spain will defeat Brazil and claim their first World Cup. Viva Espana!

Awards :

Golden Boot : Fernando Torres (Spain)
Best Player : Robin van Persie (Netherlands)
Most Disapointing Player : Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, due to lack of talent around him)
Young Star : Gervinho (Ivory Coast)

There you have it. It’s now ready to begin. Much more to come on the World Cup here on the A/S blog! Forza Italia!

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