Vice Interviews Skrillex’s Biggest Fans

Here is a quick excerpt of the interview with this character above…

Hannah, 21.

VICE: Are you excited about Skrillex tonight?
Hannah: Fuck yeah! We booked our tickets in November!

What’s your favorite Skrillex song?
It would have to be, oh, what’s it called [asks a friend nearby]. No! Not that one. Probably “Scatta.”

What do you like about that song?
I just love the bass, it just feels like… Ugh I can’t explain it, I just can’t explain it.

Like it goes through your body [sigh]?
Yes! Exactly.

Is that his unique selling point?
Definitely, he brought that to dance music big time. It needed it, no one was really doing it before.

You’re quite dressed up, do you think more people should be?
If people want to, that’s fine. I’m more of a cyber goth kinda like big hair, but I thought I would tone down for the gig.

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