NBA Playoffs Are Here! 1st Round Predictions

Well the fast pace lockout shortened season is over and its time for the playoffs. No real surprises this year in either conference in terms of playoff teams but injuries and parody make this one of the most competitive playoffs I can remember. Was pretty good in previous years predicting who would win so lets start things off with the West Side!

Western Conference

1. San Antonio Spurs defeats 8. Utah Jazz in 4 Games

Can’t see Utah winning a game here unless Al Jefferson plays out of his mind ala Zach Randolph last year. That’s not gonna happen though and a strong deep and a 100% Manu means the Spurs sweep the young Jazz.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder defeats 7. Dallas Mavericks in 6 Games

Elbow gate is over Harden is going to be back for the series which is big. OKC almost beat the Mavs last year but will get the job done this year. Mavs are just getting old and stale. Lost key players from last years Championship team and just aren’t the same. See them winning atleast 1 game this series but just because they are the champs and Dirk is there I’ll give them 2. OKC in 6.

6. Denver Nuggets defeats 3. Los Angeles Lakers in 7 Games

Uh oh what’s this? Yes upset city here. Denver pulls it off. This to me is not about superstars but all around deep teams. Denver has it LA doesnt come close. Metta World War is out for all but game 7 here so that even kills the depth more for LA. Denver has no match for Bynum, Gasol and Kobe and yes that sounds crazy but in every other way I give the nod to Denver including coaching. Denver runs, plays D, moves the ball around and isn’t selfish. Either way this is going to be one hell of a series as its a clash of styles like no other series has.

5. Los Angeles Clippers defeats 4. Memphis Grizzlies in 7 Games

Did I tell you how exciting these playoffs are going to be?! Well this is going to be easily my favorite series to watch besides the Knicks. These 2 teams are so young and talented its unfair. LA doesn’t have too much of a bench but their starting 5 is dangerous. I give them the edge over Memphis because of one guy CP3. Look he won series in New Orleans with nobody.

Eastern Conference

1. Chicago Bulls defeats 8. Philadelphia 76ers in 5 Games

Philly has a solid team yes but Chicago is just too strong for them. Even if D Rose isn’t 100% they move on and in 5 games giving D Rose extra time to heal for the next series…..

2. Miami Heat defeats 7. New York Knicks in 7 Games

Yes I know I am a Knicks fan and yes I know I hate Lebron and the Heat with a passion but hear me out. I’m saying 7 games because the Knicks are really gelling post D’Antoni. You have matchup problems across the board for the Heat. The key here are two matchups. Amare vs Bosh is the biggest in my mind. If Amare can shut down Bosh Knicks have a chance to win some games here. The real key and this is obvious is Carmelo has to be lights out like he has been here at the end of the year. He needs to do everything Lebron is doing but more. Thats the only way the Knicks have a shot. With all that being said I still don’t see them taking it but I’ll give it 7 games. Go Knicks!

3. Indiana Pacers defeats 6. Orlando Magic in 6 Games

Why no one talks about Indiana boggles my mind but I’m a believer. We are talking about a team with great depth and a really really good Center in Hibbert. Now Orlando here will not have Dwight “team ruin-er” Howard but this is where Stan Van shows his coaching ability. He will pull off two wins against a strong Indiana team. Yes they lose but that hey they don’t get swept!

4. Boston Celtics defeats 5. Atlanta Hawks in 5 Games

Atlanta has a lot of talent but they need to dump some to get a legit Point Guard. Been saying it for years! Smith, Johnson and Horford is sick but you have no point guard. Trade Smith get a PG in there and we can talk about being more than just a 4 seed every year. Celtics win this easily because of Rondo. Rondo has been the best shot creating PG this season and that’s all he will do this series. I literally could see him get 30 assists against the Hawks this round. Celtics will enjoy a nice easy series here and then have to face the Bulls….

So there ya go Enjoy the games!

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