Attn Juventinos This Is NOT Your 30th Scudetto

Look at this idiot Paolo De Ceglie’s shitty Jeep

If you hadn’t heard Juventus won the Serie A scudetto last weekend which has starting a big controversy in Italy regarding how many titles they have. A few years back they were found guilty of fixing matches and had 2 titles revoked. Now this being Italy guilt means nothing to those convicted and they swear they still have won 30 titles (which means an extra star above crest {10 titles = 1 star}). I can’t tell you how silly this is and how much of a joke it makes the Serie A look. I believe Dirty Tackle said it best

“So now that title counting has broken free from the restraints of the truth, we can all look forward to when Manchester United decide they actually have 100 Premier League titles and Santos claim they won the Champions League in 2007.”

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