Gumball 3000 Starts Tomorrow!

The now legendary road race kicks off its 14th edition tomorrow in NYC’s times square at noon. I will be there to attend the festivities. If your not familiar with the Gumball, it is a wild race that takes place over a few days and has various check points along the way. Everyone from rich elite to celebrities to athletes compete and some of the worlds most exclusive cars take part in it. This year it takes part in the US & Canada and if you are based there and want to hang out driving on the highway to see any of these cars/people check the link here. Should be a great Gumball and sure to be some hilarious videos on the way. I’ll definitely posting some photos of Fridays kickoff event. See you there! Below are some of my favorite clips from past gumballs :

[youtube] FREE KIM DOT COM the ending is the best



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