My Kids’ Elementary School Has Bad Judgement

First off I promise you this blog will never be about me waxing poetic about my kids nor about the stuff they do. No one gives a shit. Now with that said my oldest daughter is in elementary school. She’s awesome but super dramatic. So when she came home one day and said that one of her kids in her class died on Mothers Day we thought nothing of it. As cold and absurd as that sounds, she does have the track record to do that sort of “lie”.

Well guess what? The fucking kid did die. Seriously! How fucking savage is that from the elemantary school. You tell a bunch of kindergarten kids that their friend died so go home and tell your parents. Crazy. Now backstory onthis is that the kid was apparently sick. I guess he video chatted with the class several times and I’m not sure if he was ever in the class physically. Regardless the whole story is depressing and I feel bad for a 5/6 year old that dies (no shit). Seriously though… just tell the kids that and don’t alert their parents. Wild.

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