Finally Something Good Caused By Corona

For a while now, Apple has released new iPhones in what seemed like every 6 months with little to no upgrades except for those with amazing eyesight and amateur photography skills. Well per the Wall Street Journal “Apple is pushing back the production ramp-up” of the new devices, due to manufacturing issues in Asia and “weakened global consumer demand.”.

Apparently the big feature to the new one was a camera improvement. Oh great another fucking new camera feature! You still have a battery that lasts 6 hours and quality that with one good drop fucks it completely up. On top of that all the phone companies here in America basically make you finance one like its a car. Lets hope this delay creates some innovation for once for Apple and/or they release it and no one buys this one which will force their hand.

Oh and if you come in with some android shit….dont bother….dork

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